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Packaging carton to use hot stamping technology more and more

In the fierce market competition, in order to increase the added value of products, more effective anti-counterfeiting, more and more using process. Can be divided into ordinary, such as cold, concave-convex and holographic way. Commonly used ordinary process has smooth gentle pressure round flatten, the pressing circle is line contact way, with a base material widely, suitable for large area, high precision, etc. Cold without using the heated metal plate, but the method of using adhesive transfer metal foil. Cold process of low cost, saving energy, high production efficiency, is a very promising new technology. Concave and convex (also called 3 d), using the modern sculpture technology is produced with up and down the female die and male die, and the pressure bump process at one time, improve the production efficiency. Electric carving made by surface transition, to general corrosion law of mold three-dimensional anaglyph effect cannot be achieved. The emergence of concave and convex, make and pressure bump process is complete, at the same time reduces the working procedure and waste caused by misregister. Holographic identity using computer technology change the amplitude and frequency of grating, make its effect than the calculation pattern color more luster, more clearly. If the hologram logo as the original copy will produce a large number of holographic lost, can achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Holographic logo can not only has very good security performance, can also according to customer's need to special number or word do holographic mark, is finding wider and wider application in high-grade.


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